About AAPN



Over 600 individuals, including owners, CEO’s, Senior Execs and industry ‘influencers’, receive daily email alerts and broadcasts. For many, this is their #1 member benefit – news they know their competitors get but that they are too busy to scan for daily.  Nearly 1,700 companies have joined the AAPN since 1981, and AAPN archives contain thousands of case studies, articles, papers and more. Daily broadcasts pull from dozens of journals including NYTimes, WSJ, HBR, just-style.com, Fortune, TextileWorld, FastCompany and many more. AAPN and its members have changed together and will continue to change.


AAPN member companies represent over two dozen industries in the supply chain including fiber, yarn, fabric, apparel, logistics, retail, markets, countries, regions and causes. These industries have their own lobbies, associations, councils and Boards. What makes AAPN unique is that is the industry’s only organization of  organizations. Collectively, our hundreds of supply chain business models means AAPN is organized the way China is – industrially and vertically. That’s why brands and retailers are joining the AAPN. We all speak the language of sourcing. The AAPN’s network can be activated in minutes, 24/7, directly to producers, not middlemen. 


The AAPN is the best connected industry organization for business in the Americas. Industry leaders from the Top 12 apparel/textile producing countries in the Western Hemisphere are active in the AAPN. Member companies are far ahead of the world in sustainability and social responsibility. One example of collaboration is ‘Environmental Valley’ in El Salvador where eight AAPN member companies created an activewear supply chain city capable of 3 week cycle times. In the AAPN 2013 meeting, we not only had a room full of 180 world class suppliers, we had dozens of world class supply chains in the room, inter-connected in a way that overlays the Americas.