Industry Events

We're a supply chain organization. This means our members belong to dozens of   industry associations, product alliances and geographic national groups. THIS means no one trade show typically draws over a dozen of our members. So, the good news? We're everywhere. Better news? We're all in one place every May - Miami Beach for our annual meeting. Here's what people think of this major event:

...unlike any other industry meeting I’ve been to ....I love AAPN’s unique camaraderie’s a true supply chain support group 
...a wide cross section of stakeholders environment brimming with anticipation incredible pool of open minded intellect ready to share ...great events
...unique & collective supply chain event ...AAPN defines our impact on society ...It has enormous value to the industry                              
...Unquestionably the best meeting I have ever attended ...It truly struck a nerve with all of the supply chain  ...a fantastic meeting. It was the best meeting I have attended ...GREAT networking and dialogs between the attendees.  OUTSTANDING!!     
...I can't tell you how great the meeting was ...a "game changing" event. Now the real work begins. Bravo Everyone! hidden agenda ...whole supply chain there spectators only players
...It was well run with interesting presenters and awesome group participation