AAPN Networking

This is where we 'drop names,' highlight the thought leaders, skill workers and leading personalities of this industry.

Joining associations within your link of the chain is easy. They speak your language, have your same job and find comfort among themselves. Going to a meeting of your customers and THEIR customers, your suppliers and THEIR suppliers is disruptive, at the same time stimulating and, in our case unique.

AAPN is a 100% proven, one-of-a-kind, end-to-end, high level 'Think Bank' of hundreds of people who trust one another, share insider information, and have one another's back. Important? Harvard thinks so:

HBR: MARCH 08, 2013
Build a Better Network focus on three things: reputation, specialization, and network position.
....Build your reputation by offering interesting content
....Show specialization by demonstrating knowledge, establishing links with other experts, committing to learn from those people, and being willing to offer relevant information and referrals.
....Position yourself as a bridge between otherwise unconnected groups.