Sourcing From the Americas: Our Position

At the AAPN, we believe that doing business in the USA and the Americas is easier, faster, safer, and
just plain better. Sure, if you want to source huge quantities; and you know what will sell way in
advance; and you are not worried about flexibility; and you just want cheap; then there are plenty of
mega-factories in the world that will take your orders. But if you are looking for a more flexible
sourcing model, one that better aligns with today’s fickle, hyper-connected, want-it-my-way-consumer,
then you need to look to the Americas. Here’s why:

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AAPN Events in 2019

2019 in review

Carolina Mill Tour (March  31 - April 5)
Carolina Regional (April 2)

pro:Americas Annual Conference (May 5 - 7)
AAPN Women's Reception in Miami (May 6)
Portland Regional (August 15)
Dallas Regional (September 12)
AAPN Women's Dinner in Dallas (September 11)
AAPN Women's Reception in Atlanta (November 6)
Mexico Leadership Forum (December 3 & 4)

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2020 pro:Americas Annual Conference

May 3 - 5 | Four Seasons Hotel | Miami, Florida
More information coming soon

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