Sourcing From the Americas: Our Position

Updated June 1, 2022 -- At the AAPN, we believe that doing business in the USA and the Americas is easier, faster, safer, better and more stable. Sure, if you want to source huge quantities; and you know what will sell way in advance; and you are not worried about flexibility; and you just want cheap; then there are plenty of mega-factories in the world that will take your orders. But in this post-virus industry, if you are looking for a more stable and flexible sourcing model, one that better aligns with today’s millions-of-markets-of-one, hyper-connected, last-mile, want-it-my-way-consumer, then you need to look to the Americas. Here’s why:

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Seth Godin, AAPN Annual Conference, Miami, May 4, 2015
"That is the magic of the AAPN, that what you sell here is the chain; the information; the trust; the network. THAT is your unique value. You are clearly a tribe in this room. Tribes are everywhere. And to build a great tribe you have to do these things:
    •    Connect the chain
    •    Build a culture inside and outside of the tribe
    •    Challenge it to go to the next level
    •    Be clear how you describe it
    •    Communicate to the tribe
    •    Commit to where it is going"


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 "Thank you for the 2023 AAPN conference in Miami. It was awesome, packed with information and a good opportunity for Collaboration, Corporation and Partnering….it helped us understand Local-for-Local manufacturing, automation integration and technology innovation and not simply, relentlessly chasing low-cost goods"Frank Henderson, CEO, Henderson Sewing Machine Company