AAPN Member Sourcing Directory

Looking for the best companies in the industry to help bring your fashion and apparel project to market? Use the links below for direct and free access to AAPN qualified supply chain partners by country, category, or name. The AAPN directory is the most comprehensive and active in the business and is used by sourcing managers in private label, popular brands, retail and worldwide.

This database includes all AAPN corporate and, through them directly and indirectly, thousands of industry professionals. Since 1981, the AAPN has been a sourcing match maker. Today, we facilitate the broadest supply chain network in the industry - Retailers; Brands; Factories; Textiles; Trim; Logistics; Services; Technology; Industry; and Individuals. You are free to roam this database. The most effective use of the AAPN, however, is to contact us directly so we can target your needs in a broadcast to those of our members who can address your specific needs.