AAPN is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with members in North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Member companies and industry individuals who join come from the over 30 links ‘from the dirt to the shirt’ of the apparel supply chain. Today we have over 200 member organizations and routinely broadcast emails to over 700 individual executives and managers.

When the network was formed in 1981, it was originally a domestic apparel factory association. In 2001 it opened its membership to the Americas and then worldwide.


  • Hosts one major and one focused member conference per year
  • Organizes numerous ‘Regional Conferences’ in Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York
  • Organizes special event conferences in locations like Peru, Honduras and Guatemala
  • Conducts on-going research of China, logistics, retail, Walmart, branding, marketing, technology and much more
  • Writes research case studies on members and broadcasts to select, non-competitive members
  • Attends trade shows, regional meetings and global conferences
  • Takes on special projects with members such as cycle times and new net-based interactive conferencing

The strength of AAPN, as quoted to us by noted TED speaker Seth Godin in our 2015 Annual Conference, is "the chain; information; trust; network." The AAPN is the only true end-to-end supply chain organization in the industry and the only organization overlaying the apparel industry of the
Western Hemisphere.

Industry leaders who contribute to the AAPN are eligible for the exclusive AAPN INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP AWARD.