Benefits of AAPN Membership

AAPN is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with members in North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Membership is by company with no limit to the number of executives who can be plugged into the network. The 300 elements of data AAPN maintains about its members, on-line since 1994, remains the proven, de facto standard for real-time sourcing. Data on companies in each link of the supply chain makes it easy to find, see and reach resources.

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Benefits include:
  • Introductions and access to the top U.S. retail, brand, manufacturing and supply chain leaders
  • The ability to build personal relationship with the best, most highly networked executives in the industry
  • Your business questions sent instantly to other members for timely answers
  • Insurance that your confidentiality is maintained when requested in research or sourcing
  • Daily email broadcasts of current industry events
  • Benefit from on-going research of China, logistics, retail, Wal-Mart, branding, marketing, technology and much more
  • Gain strategic insights - learn from peers about what information they use to shape their strategies and success
  • See first hand leading edge supply chain business models and collaborative technologies
  • Research case studies written on members and broadcast to select, non-competitive members
  • Attend exclusive AAPN executive forums at trade shows, regional meetings and global conferences
  • Evaluate innovative internet-based industry technologies before others in the industry
  • Be admitted to exclusive member networking events
  • Participate in special projects with members such as cycle times and new net-based interactive conferencing
  • Travel worldwide in AAPN delegations to South and Central America, the Caribbean, Asia and more
  • Call for ad hoc meetings of members we can assemble for special projects you want to host
  • Enjoy alliances worldwide with private sector, corporate, national and regional organizations
  • Create industry surveys, join the AAPN LinkedIn group of executives

Annual Membership Dues are $1,900 per Organization 

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