2010 Annual Meeting

May 2 - 4 | Loews Miami Beach | Miami Beach, Florida

Session 1: Sustainable AND Strategic Sourcing - Are They the Same Thing?
There are new words in our industry, new trends, new mandates and they come from consumers.
It is consumers who now want to know more about the source of everything. Responsibility is no longer
just to these people who shop stores, but those who work in every factory, mill and producer of any part of the garment. We look at three corporate leaders for unique approaches:

  • Caterina A. Conti, EVP/Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, Anvil Knitwear
  • Randy Harward, Senior Director of Quality and R&D, Patagonia Inc.
  • John Fojut, VP Sustainability, Kohl's Department Stores
  • Gregg Nebel, Head of Social Environmental Affairs, the Americas, adidas Group

 Session 2: How to Keep Score When the Scorecard Itself is a Moving Target
“Scoring" is a moving target. Many are working on the Walmart approach of a 15 point checklist. Yet even Walmart admits, “only 8% of (their) efforts to improve sustainability are within its control; a
whopping 92% has to come from improvements across the supply chain.” There is no one definition of
sustainability. There is no one scorecard. We will show you leaders in tracking Key Performance
Indicators in our industry

  • Rick Horwitch, VP Solutions Business Development, Bureau Veritas
  • Katherine Stein, International Business Development/Softlines Sales Manager, SGS Consumer Testing
  • Kurt Cavano, CEO, TradeCard.

Session 3: Raw Materials, Where it all Starts in the Cycle
Cotton farming, synthetics processing, yarn spinning, knitting, weaving, finishing all impact sustainable fabrics, water, alternative energy, chemicals, recycling and more. These are the most visible steps in the chain and AAPN is packed with leadership and innovation from these industries. We will hear best practices from:

  • John Eapen, Vice President - Environmental, Health & Safety, American & Efird
  • Michele Wallace, Associate Director, Cotton Incorporated
  • Eric Joo, CS Central America
  • Bryan Ashby, VP-Sales/CFO, Carolina Cotton Works
  • Elliott Lightman, CEO, Enova Textile and Apparel
  • D. Craig White, Brand/Retail Marketing, Huntsman International
  • Gerald Cauthen, VP Manufacturing, Contempora Fabrics

Session 4: Factories, The Greatest Problem Solvers Today
Every country, every region hosts a core of enlightened leaders of their apparel production. As Kurt Cavano says, “Retail is one end of the barbell, Suppliers the other and the Factory is the bar that
connects the two”. We have hard evidence that sourcing is ‘coming back’ to the US and this hemisphere. AAPN is ready to help place production here because we never left. We will hear best practices from:

  • Rocedes in Nicaragua
  • Brian Meck, General Manager, FesslerUSA

Session 5: Sustainability in the Textile Value Chain
Peter Waeber, CEO, bluesign technologies ag

Session 6: Back to the Brands and Retailers - On the Firing Line
Success is when a consumer buys a shirt. Its those players in the chain going toe-to-toe with
consumers who are on the firing line. So it is back to the core issue of balancing sustainability mandates
with sourcing realities. Some of the realities really are social, described in people words like ‘instability’
and ‘insecurity’. We will hear from global leaders including

  • Carlos Martel, Supply Chain Ops Director, Nike
  • Will Phillips, Under Armour
  • Mark D'Sa, Sr. Director of Sourcing & Production, GAP, Inc.

Closing: Marci Zaroff - Fashion and Function CAN work in Harmony
Marci Zaroff, Founder,CEO, FASE, is a globally recognized pioneer of fusing fashion with ecology. Her work has influenced countless retailers and brands and brought her international recognition and award for her work. Marci is a “thought leader” in the “green” part of our business and very well known for helping define that merger of art with business. She will close our meeting by sending us on the right track with this cause-based campaign of sustainability.