2010 Delegation to Munich

Delegates from AAPN were invited to participate in a meeting of the Sourcing Working Group of the DTB (Dialog Textil-Bekleidung) on December 1 & 2, 2010, in Munich, Germany. The purpose of this meeting was to introduce alternative sources of production in the Western Hemisphere to European brands and retailers.

AAPN was represented by:

  • Peter & Sandy Brink, Advanced Mfg. Group
  • David Sasso, Buhler Quality Yarns
  • Karin de Leon, CECATEC
  • Carlos Arias, Denimatrix
  • Walter Meck, FesslerUSA
  • Erick Sterkel, Los Volcanes Group
  • Marty Moran, RadiciSpandex
  • Esther Lutz, TradeCard
  • Walter Wilhelm, WWA
  • Sue Strickland & Mike Todaro, AAPN

A list of some of the powerhouse brands and retailers who attended this day-long session include:
Hugo Boss . Miro Radici Group . Baeumler . Adler . Strellson/Holy Fashion . Tom Tailor . Tchibo . Schiesser . Marc O'Polo . Otto . Escada . Aldi . Brax Leineweber . Basler . Betty Barclay . Marc Cain . Bogner

The opening speaker, DTB board member Theo Baumgaertl, who used to run Betty Barclay for more than 35 years, started sourcing in Latin America at the beginning of the 90’s himself and he reminded everyone that the Western hemisphere is probably the most overlooked region for Europeans. His words: "I am very proud that we finally embark on this more than overdue dialog with the Western hemisphere!”. He also used the same word Carlos Arias used to project the theme of our industry in 2011.......’uncertainty’.

At the end of the meeting, one German executive said something to the effect, “Central America had not even been on my radar. But after listening to how you do business there, responsibly, with transparent supply chains and no hidden sub-contracting, I am seriously going to do a project there.” Erick Sterkel of Guatemala echoed the same thought when he encouraged them to “try something small with us. Let’s see how we work together. We’re anxious to get started.”