2014 Annual Meeting

May 4 - 6 | Loews Miami Beach | Miami Beach, Florida

Roger Gilmartin, Managing Director at O'Rourke Group Partners LLC

Breakout Sessions

Strategies for TPP
Assume TPP is going to pass. We will take what we learned from Jon Fee and Mary O’Rourke and turn their insights into strategies we can put into practice today. NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and other legislation has come and gone – yet AAPN veterans from last century are still growing. Let’s find out what we can all do with TPP.
Moderated by AAPN Board member and yarn spinner Eric Joo

Digital Textiles
Digital printing of textiles, including by sublimation, is going to grow 40-fold over the next 5 years. Done right, there will be a significant improvement over conventional printing lead times. Yet, there are conditions, and complimentary operations required. How can we take the best advantage of this extremely hot market opportunity?
Moderated by AAPN member Next Wave with a case study by Mike Todaro

Trim and the ultimate flexibility
Scott Vaughn of Rocedes is one factory CEO who drops what he is doing when his trim reps show up. Why? They are our industry’s early warning system. The AAPN Trim Survey documents opportunities for the Americas to mine data; share it; and grow markets.
Moderated by label veteran executive Kim Macaulay

A TKT (ticket) to Speed (to Market)
In our industry, TKT stands for Technology, Knowledge and Trust (TKT), all being pre-requisites to speed to market. New technologies means now processes and new skills – and what you invest in better compliment what else you invest in. We will discuss world class market speeds in the Americas.
Moderated by apparel industry technology veteran Bob McKee 

Can Walmart REALLY buy Made in USA?
There are common sense advantages of producing in the USA and the Americas. Our position is that sourcing in our membership is increasingly Easier, Faster, Safer and Better – and we can   prove   it. We’ll discuss projects and case studies now that will convince YOU of this.  
Moderated by a proven vendor of Made in USA, AAPN Board member David Sasso 

The Empowered, Online, Want-it-NOW Consumer – wants you
The want-it-now consumer just got a price hike for Amazing Prime and   could care less . What is happening in direct-to-consumer trends and how can factories ride this wave, bringing production back to the Americas? We’ll discuss the increasing value of the fully vested factory as a problem solver in this new channel.
Moderated by KSA and retail industry veteran consultant Bob Copeland

Bayard Winthrop, Founder of American Giant