2017 pro:Americas Dallas Regional

October 3 | Haggar Clothing Company | Dallas

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Welcome & Overview of the Day's Agenda
Tony Anzovino, VP Global Sourcing, Haggar Clothing Co. & Vice President of AAPN

Introductions of All Attendees plus a Short History of AAPN - Growth, Sourcing Database, Industry Events, and Current Industry Issues
Mike Todaro, Managing Director, AAPN

An AAPN Testimonial
Daniella Ambrogi, VP Marketing, Lectra

Broker Lineweaver


Retail in a Changing World and How It Effects the Supply Chain | e-Commerce, Fast Fashion, Global Brands, Sustainability
Brokie Lineweaver, Global Retail Marketing Consultant, Unifi




Digitalization and Servitization
Elizabeth King, VP Digital Solutions, Gerber Technology

Fast Forward: The Exponential Speed of Change and How To "Think" About It Organizationally
Tim Lyons, CEO Market Research, Cleveland Research Company

OTEXA & State of the Industry 
Tony Anzovino, VP Global Sourcing, Haggar Clothing Co

Connecting the Dots
Paulina Loyo, Social Compliance Manager, Haggar Clothing Co.

Did You Know?  The Asia/Americas Report Card 
John Strasburger, President, U.S. & Latin America, TexRay Industrial Co.

Supply Chain: How to Explain Yours + Q&A Discussion
Tony Anzovino, VP Global Sourcing, Haggar Clothing Co.

Dallas Audience