2023 AAPN Honduras Regional Meeting with Factory/Mill Tours

November 28th - 30th in San Pedro Sula

Green Valley Business Park Hosts

Pinehurst manufactures sportswear, lifestyle, swimwear, workwear & performance
apparel for men, women, & children made with quality, speed, and reliability. They offer
a wide range of capabilities, such as Sublimation, Screen Printing, Embroidery & Pad
printing, along with normal cut & sew operations.

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GK’s long and solid history dates back to the 1940s, with a longstanding tradition in
textiles and yarn spinning. The company, under the name of Grupo Karim’s, first laid its
foundations in the textile industry in Pakistan, exporting to the U.S. with great success.
But political unrest in the Middle East created an unfavorable scenario. A newly enacted
free trade zone law in Honduras, along with the country’s proximity to the U.S., gave GK
reason enough to expand to Central America and establish one of Honduras’ first
apparel manufacturing companies dedicated to U.S. exports. Today, GK is a leader in
sustainable corporate global solutions for the textile industry, real estate, lifestyle
projects, technology, and agriculture, and it has a long future ahead
GK Textile was established in Honduras 50 years ago as one of the first foreign textile
investors in the country, with vertically integrated production covering all facets of the
supply chain. From yarn, to dyeing, cutting, sewing, printing, embroidery and packaging
services, supported by integrated logistics, we deliver quality products to customers and
markets around the globe

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Sierra (part of GK’s portfolio)
Originally known as GK Fiber & Yarn, this company has recently evolved to a
new brand that better represents GK’s practices and passion for quality: Sierra.
Comprised of three spinning mills with a total capacity of more than 2.5 million
pounds per week. They produce over a thousand types of fibers and products
using various technologies like: Vortex, ring spun, slubs, open end, combed,
compact, blends, injected and siro.

Northern Textiles (part of GK’s portfolio)
Northern Textile is a new, state-of-the-art fabric mill that supplies knitted fabrics,
100% cotton, 100% polyester, tri-blends, and recycled polyester. Their vertically integrated business model allows them to provide an extensive supply of yarns
and to specialize in knitting, dyeing, and fabric finishing. The collections are
unique & they develop new fabrics every year, excelling in sustainable yarns and
fabrics that have been certified by world-renowned sustainability-compliance

Delta Apparel’s Ceiba Mill
Ceiba is a high-volume Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing operation complete with Color
lab, QA testing and water recycling that produces fabric for Delta Apparel. Their solar
farm is the largest in Honduras.

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Choloma Hosts

The largest private label supplier in the region providing t-shirts, performance,
underwear, sweatshirts, woven tops and woven bottoms to major multinational brands.
They have a capacity to produce 34M units monthly with reach into 5 different countries,
like Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Haiti to satisfy their customers’
supply chain needs, including shortened lead-times for speed to market activities.

San Juan Textiles (part of Elcatex portfolio)
A partnership with CAFTA yarn suppliers in region, San Juan is a newly
constructed 800,000 sq ft textile plant providing an additional 8M lbs monthly to
secure fabric supply and shorten leadtimes for their customers.

CEPCO (part of Elcatex portfolio)
Elcatex Group has a considerable commitment to sustainability, as such, they
are generating 43.8MW of electricity using primarily biomass. The main biomass
used as a source of fuel is a bagasse, sawdust, subproducts from African palm
and clean coal.

CSR Housing Project (part of Elcatex portfolio)
The Housing Project is an initiative by Elcatex Group to provide all the associates
and rest of the community the ability to have an affordable and satisfactory
housing solution. There are 4500 houses and this project provides clean water,
consistent power, easy access to transportation, recreational/sports areas and
churches, along with day care and educational centers.

Genesis (part of Elcatex portfolio)
A high-volume, highly efficient sewing operation focused on T-shirts stemming
from a partnership between Elcatex and SanMar.

Parkdale Mills
As a privately held company founded in 1916, today Parkdale is the largest sales yarn
spinner in the Western Hemisphere. Parkdale operates yarn spinning facilities
throughout the southeastern USA, Mexico, and Colombia. In December of 2021 they
announced an investment of over $150 million to expand production capabilities into
Honduras. The initial facility is already in full operation today and is producing blended
ring spun yarns. The new "greenfield" facility will include both open end spinning and
ring spinning for cotton and cotton blended yarns and will start initial production this fall.
By the middle of 2024, Parkdale will have the ability to produce over 2.0 million pounds
of yarn per week from these investments. This expansion allows Parkdale to continue to
significantly increase their offerings of yarn capacity and capabilities including the
production of sustainable yarns.

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Central American Spinning Works (CASW)
With over 50 years in the textile industry, CASW is a leading spinning mill in Central
America, supplying high quality and sustainable yarns and fabrics to major apparel
manufacturers. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, pioneering processes
and product trends, CASW is committed to a sustainable future which has earned the
company recognition from multiple partners and retailers.

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UTEXA (United Textiles of America) is a continuous filament plant specializing in a
variety of PET POY-DTY (polyester yarns) in various deniers and wide-range of
performance features. They are located in Choloma in Honduras, producing 30k tons
per year with about 640 employees.

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Anticipating the demand for brand identification related products in the Americas,
Finotex opened its doors more than 40 years ago. They have gradually diversified to
become a comprehensive provider of brand identification solutions, currently serving
various related industries, such as: Apparel, Food, Medical, Automotive and many
more. Today, Finotex is the market leader in brand identification. This has enabled them to
become the preferred partner of the leading names in global manufacturing and serve a
multitude of customers through a highly skilled workforce around the world. The location
in Honduras is responsible for producing: Woven & Printed Labels, Heat Transfers,
Flexo-Printed Labels and Packaging, Brand Protection solutions; such as RFID,
QR, Serialization and much more! Located in the heart of Central America, this is their
largest facility to-date & has been servicing both local and exporting Markets as a
reliable and trusted partner in the industry.

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