Re-Model Team


Re-Modeling Trust Innovation Team Report will be available for streaming online on June 10th

ReModel Team


  • Cheryl Smyre, Advanced Materials | Parkdale, Inc.
  • Nicole Bivens Collinson, President | Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg PC
  • Mandi Strickland,  Managing Director | ImagineKnit Global
  • Kimberly Williams, Senior Manager, Sourcing | Orvis
  • Justin Cleveland, Allbirds

Re-Modeling Trust

• 72% of the respondents indicated that transparency and info sharing would help promote a more collaborative relationship between retailers, brands, and suppliers/factories.
• The “trust” factor needs to be cemented into these relationships to create an efficient supply chain.
• Is the relationship “supplier-led”, “individual sourcing executive-led” or “led by consumer needs and therefore a collaborative hybrid with the retailer/brand taking charge”?
• What creates better factory/retailer collaboration, 360 degree understanding of the processes and challenges both product development/design and the factory face in developing and manufacturing product, etc.?
• Does this new approach to the relationship help produce “speed” to the marketplace, or other sustainable achievements?