TechSys Team


TechSys Innovation Team Report will be available on June 24th

TechSys Team

Tech Sys Presentation 

AAPN members recently surveyed Apparel and Textile companies to gain insights into the latest technology trends and opportunities for the industry. Our team was able to identify exciting and relevant information on how companies are improving processes with current technology, what investments are planned, and why others are slow to embrace technology.

For example, what does the “new normal” value creation of the apparel supply chain mean after the virus passes? This will be a spectacular opportunity to get rid of tech debt, to shed legacy systems and pursue nimble, agile, and more transparent systems and apps.

Our team is diligently reviewing available technologies to support product development processes during COVID work-from-home, such as color management and lab dip approval, use of 2D/3D for garment sample approval, and others.

We're identifying small firms that have gone full bore into innovation, interviewing them, even planning to highlight their leaders in our session. The time we spend with you on June 24 will give you a unique window into creative new innovations in SPEED.

Join us and discover:

  • Strategy and tips for successful implementations from industry expert consultants
  • C-Suite executives talk about how to define the ROI and gain approval for a new technology project
  • Best practices from industry peers on the leading edge as innovators
  • How to embrace new ideas and improve your organization