2011 Apparel/Textile Finance Forum

October 19 | Georgia Tech Global Learning Center | Atlanta, Georgia

The first rule of business is to make money. The second is "see Rule #1." Today, investments ARE being made in fiber, yarn, fabric, finishing, cutting, sewing, technology, collaboration, logistics - and it is all from the bottom up. It has been proven that when there is an entire supply chain looking at a problem, the truth takes care of itself. Production is 'coming back' at the same time that investments have drawn the textile and apparel producing supply chain of this hemisphere together more tightly than ever before. 


The End of the World As We Know It
Kurt Cavano - CEO, TradeCard

Latin American Banking
Roberto J. Arguello - CEO, CEO Advisors

Factoring and Commercial Finance Solutions
Justin P. Coheen - Director, Global Business Development, RTS International